Cortney Gee

I have a few stories to tell...

My Extroverted Career/My Introverted Self

For thirty years my extroverted career has made it where I couldn't be my true introverted self. Traveling the world making people laugh was a blessing. Comedy has taken me places I could only dream of. And while I was traveling to exotic destinations. I was dreaming of doing what I'm doing now. I love being in a room in front of my computer telling stories. Until I was stricken with kidney failure. I had no idea I relished staying up all night. Or waking early in the morning to create. I didn't enjoy having to turn on for small or large crowds of people. So that I wasn't considered a bitter comic after the show. My illness finds me off the road now and my wife's job lends me the ability to write full-time. Don't take that as I'm not working. My bull whip yielding better half wouldn't have that. She holds me to a schedule and oh yeah she gaffles the proceeds of my efforts.