Cortney Gee

I have a few stories to tell...

Why A Blog Now?

People ask me why after so many years of silence on the blogosphere am I blogging again. Well in the words of Franke Beverly,"Why not? Ya dig?" That's the same sentiment I have. Why not? I have something to say always. That doesn't mean I want to take the time to put it down. There are times that I just want to think it. Then dispose of the thought. I have even stared tweeting. Yeah if you are one of my friends you're laughing. I swore I would never be tweet Gee. Bt the world is doing it. And I refuse to get behind the times So now you know the why. I hope you dig!7FD6617D-E711-4B70-8862-57DCDF59BFEA_1_105_c