Cortney Gee

I have a few stories to tell...

Editing... the dreaded part of writing.

Recently I finished the first draft of my second novel Barely Standing. It's the follow up to my aalbc bestseller One Hustle.I was a year and a half behind schedule turning int my publisher, Brown Girls Publishing. I became very ill almost losing my battle with kidney failure. I couldn't concentrate. And even when I could. Sitting at a desk for prolonged amounts of time. Left me swollen and unable to breath. At bestI was left with telling people the lie that I was working and the book would be out soon. Luckily my publisher was aware of my health and understanding why I was late. Well the wait is now over right? Hell no. Now I'm charged with the task of destroying my manuscript. Then I along with my glorious editor Victoria Christopher will this turd into a diamond.